important and urgent

One of my biggest challenges is prioritizing my tasks. This has been an ongoing challenge for many years. I’ve tried to apply the philosophy taught by Stephen R. Covey of putting everything in your life into one of four quadrants, important/urgent, important/not urgent, not important/urgent and not urgent/not important. But without much success. But a few months ago I was trying again to put some method to my prioritizing and by adding a tiny two letter word it started to work for me. Now the four quadrants in my life are important/urgent, important/not AS urgent, not AS important/urgent and not AS urgent/not AS important. It is amazing to me what “as” has done for me.

Now to the reason for my post and my lack of posts. I had a family thing come up and was both urgent and important so getting post written for my blog though both important and urgent are not as important or as urgent as a family member in need of help. After all, the reason behind telling our family tells to each other is because family is important. Though it wasn’t how I planned to spent the last couple of days, I’m so glad that there was no question in my mind where in the four quadrants that requested landed. For me that brings peace and a lot less anxiety.

How do you prioritize your tasks and your days? I’m always interested to learn from others what things work for them.


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