In my search today for good content on how to tell family stories I came across this great post by Allison of Go Girls. She gives five things that she did to get over her fears of moving forward with a self publishing project. I think her strategies are perfect for helping us with our family story projects and helping them progress to a finished project. Thanks Allison for the inspiration!

Go Girls! Camp

Here’s how I did it:

1. A Sentence a Day

Walking in the redwoods with my wife, Lynn, I complained that I didn’t really know how to write a whole book. I mean, how could I make the 9 year old voice authentic? What did I know about publishing? What was the point of writing the whole thing if only a few people (my mom and her book club friends, for example) would be the only ones who read it? Lynn smiled. She waited calmly for me to finish my tirade of self-doubt. Then she said, “What if you just write a sentence a day no matter what?” Yes. I was willing to do this. Lots of research shows that taking tiny little steps is the best way to reach a larger goal. SARK calls them micro-movements. Christine Carter says they are turtle steps. For me, sentence…

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