Dune is here!

Dune in her x-pen

Our sweet little Dune girl arrived today via Delta airlines. It has been an eventful day full of joy and excitement. She finally fell asleep in her x-pen a little while ago. Dune is confident and knows her mind, she is sweet and seems so tiny. I forget how little they are when they come. I love her color she is on the dark side for a yellow lab but not so far that she is red. She is more of a dark honey color. I think she is the perfect color for her name.

It was fun to experience having a puppy come by plane. The photos below shows much of what it was like. I’m so tired that I’m not going to post much more today. These first few days are hard on the puppy and on the raiser too. We want to much to help them understand what we want them to do, especially when it comes to relieving. But so much has changed so fast in their young lives and they have no clue what you are asking them to do. Dune has a cute temperament to match her face and I’m certain that she will be a joy to raise, though it will surely be challenging at times.

Delta employees bring the crate with Dune and Eagle

Dune ready to get out of the crate

Dune taking a second thought about getting out of the crate. Eagle is in the back of the crate. He is sure he doesn’t want to come out.

Dune in my arms looking extra cute


2 thoughts on “Dune is here!

  1. ok- she is my dog – just go ahead and put my name on her… she is toooooo cute and sweet looking and since her name is Dune she belongs in the sand state – Florida – anyway. Besides – Apex needs a playmate he can train to take over for him…

    Sue 🙂

    • She seems to have all the makings of a guide dog as far as I can tell at this stage. She also appears to be on the high energy side which is what you need. Only problem is that she will be ready at least a couple of years too soon. If I can just survive the next week.

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