Gift Idea #44 – Shadow Box

idea numbers44Many years ago I worked as a picture framer. One of the most challenging things I did but also the most rewarding was putting together shadow boxes for customers. Shadow boxes are a wonderful way to display and protect a treasure historical object. I’ve framed everything from china to dresses to locks of hair to military medals.

There are pre-made shadow box frames available at many craft and hobby stores but you might want to consult a custom framing shop before you tackle this project. Depending on what you are framing it can be tricky to figure out how to mount the object without causing permanent damage. Make sure the object is protected by using acid free materials and glass which will block out UV rays to prevent damage from light.


3 thoughts on “Gift Idea #44 – Shadow Box

  1. Years ago, my parents framed one of my baby dresses with a pair of my shoes, lock of hair and a photo of me wearing the dress. They made the frame from wood salvaged from the church where I was baptized. It is a very special gift I will always cherish.

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