Gift Idea #37 – Family Name History

idea numbers37Do you know where your last name came from? I think it would be interesting to do some research on your family name and gather the information together on a sheet of paper, a booklet or even a book.

You might find a family crest. You might find the origins of the name. You might find out what your last name means. You could trace back your genealogy just following this family name. You might find some of the famous people with the same last name and see if you have a common ancestor.

There is some free info on surnames on the internet and some information that is available for a fee. I’ve never used any of these services, so I don’t know if they are worth the fees. Here are some of the more interesting resources I found.

House of Names

Surnames – History & Origins

Learn about the family history of your surname

Surname Origin

Last Name Meaning

Surname Database

Behind the Name



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