50 gift ideas challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to come up with 50 gift ideas that will help you to tell your family tales by Christmas. I’ve done some brainstorming and I think I can do it but it isn’t going to be easy. 50 is just such a nice number, especially in this my 50th year. So stay tuned over the next five weeks and see if any of my ideas give you some inspiration for gifts for your family and friends. I’ll post my first idea soon!


2 thoughts on “50 gift ideas challenge

  1. Try doing it without going all commercial…what about going “retro” and making a few gifts from the kitchen or crafts and homemade gift cards (house chores/massage etc.)…we are trying to get back to what Christmas really was and still should be – not about how much we spend money wise but rather love wise on those we hold near and dear…

    • Sue this in an excellent idea. Christmas should be about family, relationships and giving of ourselves not about spending so much money and usually money we don’t have. My goal with these ideas are things that can help to strengthen those family bonds and connect us with each other. To me gifts that are just purchased off a store shelf are missing something.

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