Waffle Book – Thoughts & Ideas

Front Cover of Waffle Book

For the puppies we have raised I have put together a book about their time with us. You can see  Banta’s and Casey’s in these posts. I still haven’t posted Apex’s book. I have a template all set up so that each book has the same basic layout to make it easier to put together and to give a consistence between the books.

Here is the challenge, I did a book about Waffle when she was transferred about a year ago. But now that Waffle has finally figuring out her career, I want to finish her official puppyhood book and print a copy for us and one for her new handler. I did the first part of it just like I did for Apex, Banta and Casey but how should I handle the time that she has been away from us? I’ve gotten some photos from Claraliz and I’m hoping to get some stories. I just don’t think I’m going to have the kind of information I would need to add more pages with “w” adjectives and stories to support them.One idea is to make a part 2 to the book and drop the “w” words from the formatting. Or maybe it would be better to do a second volume of the book. I am planning to do a second book for each puppy when they retire from being guide dogs but do I want to do this now for Waffle. Cost is a reason to consider. The current book is 40 pages long so with the ImageWrap cover at Blurb it runs $27.95. If I add up to another 20 pages to the end of the book it would run $34.95. While printing a second volume of 20 pages would be $24.95.  So from that perspective 2 parts in one volume would be best. Though since Claraliz already has a copy of the original book, I should probably print a volume 2 for her even if I do a single longer book for us and for Waffle’s new handler.

Title page of Waffle Book

As I work on the second half of Waffle’s book I’ll post the layout and the text for what is already done. Then hopefully by the that time I’ll have the rest of the book finished and ready to post too. I can see that the title page and the back cover will need to be updated with additional information.

Back Cover of Waffle Book


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