Make a Free Ebook

Blurb recently introduced the option to make your traditional book publishing projects and to entice people to try it they are offering the conversion for free for the next three days. Starting October 18, 2012 the charge will be USD $9.99 for each book. Go here to get more information.

I hope I can take a few minutes in the next three days and try this out. Have you used a service like Blurb to do an ebook. The closest I’ve come to doing an ebook is creating a pdf document. I know so little about this that I’m not sure the differences. Blurb’s ebooks are for the iPad.



2 thoughts on “Make a Free Ebook

  1. Ebooks work on most e readers. Lots of publishers have gone to them. Some like even offer free Ebooks. They even work on laptops and computers.


    • I bought a Kindle for my parents about a year ago. So I’ve loaded the Kindle software on my computer and have one book that I’ve been reading on it. With research I have learned that ebooks formatted for iPads can’t be read on a pc. I’m sad about this. We don’t have any iPads or iPhones in our household. I’m sure that down the road it will be more cross-compatible.

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