Zodiac’s Big Bad Day



Zodiac and the cone of shame

Today Zodiac went to the vet to get neutered. It is kind of funny because he was scheduled to do this last week on Monday. But Bill forgot and feed him so we rescheduled for the next day. Then when Bill got to the vet, the total came up to much more than the $200 Guide Dogs for the Blind is willing to pay for a neuter. So Zodiac got a second reprieve. Now we needed to find another vet and with the trip to visit Banta coming up on Friday we decided it would best to wait until this week. But today the inevitable finally caught up with him.

When I went to pick him up, he was very happy to see me. But walking with the cone of shame on and still recovering from the anesthesia, he had some trouble actually navigating to the car. Zodiac isn’t doing so well with the cone. If he runs into something he just stands there and doesn’t try to move. I finally got him to lay down with my help. He is still kind of out of it and started to do pathetic little whines so I took the cone off for a while. But I have to watch him very close because he wants to lick his stitches.

Zodiac stopped cold by the desk leg

Poor little boy. I’m sure he will feel better soon but he has never experienced anything like this before. Yakira doesn’t quiet understand either but she seems to be catching on that he isn’t his normal, “I’m ready to have some fun” self.



2 thoughts on “Zodiac’s Big Bad Day

  1. you know that these 2 are related… both of them have the same attitude – when Apex had his surgery on his knee- he did the same thing…’when you bump into something just stand still because it requires to much energy to figure it out with this huge cone on me’. I ended up carrying him to the car as it was easier on me than to watch him struggle to walk. I too took the cone off Apex and let him sleep next to me so I could keep him from tearing out the stitches.

    We are headed to Daytona Speedway and the beach for the weekend ! Yep it may be fall for the rest of the world but here it is still summer.

    • You are so right! They must have both gotten it from Bond, Apex’s dad and Zodiac’s grandfather. Zodiac has been doing much better about not messing with his stitches so he hasn’t had to wear the cone for more than a day. Yeah for that.

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