60 Years Ago Today

Saturday, 19 July 1952:

Carmen and Maxine came up to the room about 8:30 a.m. to see us off. We walked over to the river and captured pictures of the towers. Then we shopped at the Migros Bar where I purchased a tub of jam. At 9 a.m. we hurried back to the bus and said goodbye for the last time.

We were off to Zurich for our next stop. Since Switzerland had no coal, I saw many wood piles near the houses. Then I napped and practiced my talk for Sunday. At 11 a.m. we reached the hotel In Zurich. We went up the wrong set of stairs the first time. Our room 503 was on the other side. As we proceeded to go upstairs again to our rooms we found they were not quite ready. The missionaries were courteous and carried our bags up the two sets of stairs.

Most everybody went to dinner with the missionaries, Merrill, Bradshaw, and Moss. However, I stayed to work on my talk for tomorrow. At 1:30 p.m. we went sightseeing on the bus with the missionaries as guides. It was good because they had not done much sightseeing. We drove along Lake Zurich and through residential areas to the big cathedral. Then we reached the statue of Zwingli who was a protestant preacher here.

All the churches were closed today. There were churches built by Charlemagne. Soon after we discovered a modern hospital and University of Zurich with black and white murals of Aristotle, Homer, and Michelangelo on the outside. There was a monument on the hill to the women warriors who saved Zurich. I took pictures of the University on the opposite hill. What a wonderful view of the city!

There was a puritan atmosphere in Zurich. I could not see any makeup here on the women or any night life advertised. We went back to the bus to find the rest of the crew. Then we hurried back to the hotel to get ready for the wiener roast with the members and missionaries.

At 6:30 p.m. we left the hotel in the bus to start hiking in the foothills. There were winding trails and beautiful trees. As we neared the top we had a bird’s eye view of Zurich. We trekked past a hotel, then continued on to more trails and stairs until we reached the top of the mountain. Down the other side we went off the trail in order to get to the bonfire. Some of the members had the fire going with a big pot hanging over it. We boiled some of the wieners and split others on each end and roasted them on a stick. The mustard was in tubes.

All of us sang around the bonfire. Church members sang and yodeled Swiss songs. We sang for them and then we all sang church hymns together. We had prayer and went back down a dark trail where we stopped to gaze at the city lights below. Everybody was happy. Church members on bikes were hanging onto the bus. Alice had a good visit with the Ringlers.


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