My Current Projects: Goals and Progress

Evaluate Goals for last week:

++ print goals for the week – complete
++ post at least once per day, Monday to Saturday – I want to get more posts done on other people’s work, but I didn’t get that done.
++ send reference images to Kim for the Horizon – I sent some images and links to Kim, plus I talked to her about the illustration and I think that was helpful.
++ finish adding links to blog – I got this done, I’m not all that happy with the way I have some of this set up but it will do for now.
++ finish Casey’s book – I got it uploaded, ordered and even got it back! Good job Blurb.
+    Send info on MS Sibijak – I almost gave up on this goal, then I decided I could upload all the images I have of the Sibijak to my SmugMug site and send off a link. I got them uploaded but haven’t composed the email yet with some historical information.
–    2 hours on Key West Audio transcribing – zilch on this.
+10 rate my progress

Progress on projects not on my goal list:

I got several of the Europe 1952 posts – 60 Years Ago Today – done ahead.

Goals for this week:

  1. print goals for the week
  2. post at least once per day, Monday to Saturday
  3. Send info on MS Sibijak
  4. talk to my dad about the Key West Audios – I need a different tactic
  5. Get Volume 6 – Our Family moving forward again
  6. rate my progress

Still struggling to get more done in a day. Do I just need more focus? Am I wasting too much time? Not sure the answer but hoping for inspiration. So much to do and I don’t think I’m making enough progress. Any suggestions?


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