60 Years Ago Today

Wednesday, 4 June 1952:

I felt pretty good after my first night on the Atlantic, even good enough for a shower. It was quite a sensation for me to be in a cramped area which was surrounded by four walls with that rocking motion of the ocean. The water was fine, but then I discovered that my towel had not come to the shower with me. Unfortunately it had stayed in the cabin. But luckily our cabin was close by. I called to one of the kids and, lo and behold, they heard and answered.

At 8:15 a.m., we were called to the aft second sitting breakfast by chimes being played by Corey, one of our Indonesian waiters. After a delicious breakfast of everything one could possibly have hoped for, we made the purser responsible for all of our worldly goods. It was nice to let someone else worry about our valuables.

We had more exploring and picture taking up on the prow. Then we met and talked to several members of the crew. Not long, thereafter, we heard a rumor that Henry had tossed his cookies.
Lunch came fast after breakfast, because we were assigned to the aft first sitting. However, we had a slight period of confusion in getting our seating arrangement straightened out. Herr Rogers finally arranged for us to sit together on approximately two and a half tables. Lunch was only one course less than dinner and the courses were so good.

After chow, we sat on the deck sunbathing and talking to some other students until time for class. We sighted several porpoises not far from the ship. At our 2:30 p.m. meeting, we elected Pat Anderson as our president and set the time for subsequent meetings.

That evening we decided to dress for dinner which turned out to be another delicious one. The only flaw in the ointment was Betty Lou and Joyce weren’t feeling so well. Later on the entertainment schedule for the evening was a dance and show. After dinner we w andered around the deck and enjoyed the refreshing sea air.

Then Irene and I went into the dance which turned out to be a rather quiet affair. We watched the pianist for a while and then stopped by the movie with Ray Milland. He put me to sleep so we gave up and turned in for the night.


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