A Suitcase Full of Letters

Nancy’s suitcase full of letters

Have you ever discovered a treasure trove of family documents or photos. NotSoFancyNancy found a suitcase full of letters from her dad to her mother. Here is what Nancy had to say about the find.

When my daughter Tania first told me about the letters I knew that something had to be done with them, after all they ARE our history. I took them home and put them all in chronological order. I scanned that first letter and looked at how many were left and I became overwhelmed. There are SO many of them, did I mention it is a suitcase full? There may be thousands, but I guess we will find out together if you want to join me for this adventure.

Nancy is sharing each letter on her blog. Many of them chronicle her dads experiences in World War II. I think that Nancy has come up with a great way to deal with the overwhelming task of saving and sharing these letters. She is taking them just a little at a time. She scans them and transcribes the text, preserving the letters. Nancy does some research about the information in each letter and posts it on her blog.

Down the road she can decide if she wants to put what she has gathered into a book or share it in some other ways, but for now she is taking a huge project and moving forward in a doable and sustainable way. Great job Nancy! I look forward to seeing how your project progresses. Thanks for setting a good example.

Do you have a huge family history project like this? Have you found a way to move forward with it? What is holding you back?


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