Trouble with Blossoms

Yakira with a flower petal stuck to her nose

With spring comes blossoms and we have lots of spring blooming trees near our house. Add that to Riverton’s famous wind (did you know that South Jordan, that is just to the north of us, was originally called Gale, for its wind?) and sometimes it looks like it is snowing with all the petals blowing around. Yakira goes through spurts of wanting to chase after stuff that is flying around on the ground and other times she does great. So a few days ago when Bill took Yakira out for her last relieving of the night she couldn’t help herself from investigating a petal on the driveway, but then it disappeared and she couldn’t find it. When I saw her I started to laugh and ran to grab my camera. The petal had stuck to her nose! The really funny part was that it was perfectly center so it looked like it belonged there. I think she could tell that something was wrong with her nose but she couldn’t figure out what it was. Poor girl! She wasn’t in misery long though because soon the petal dried out and fell of her nose. We sure had a good laugh about it.

Yakira trying to look at the flower petal on her nose

Has your dog ever gotten anything stuck on his nose? Or what does your dog do that makes you laugh?



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