International Guide Dog Day

Banta on her graduation day - May 2011

Today is International Guide Dog Day and I would like to pay tribute to all the wonderful canines in the world who make life better for their handlers and enjoy the work they do. I am so blessed by my association with a great organization like Guide Dogs for the Blind as a puppy raiser. Being a puppy raiser is truly a win-win situation. Today I am especially proud of Apex and Banta the two puppies we raised who are now working dogs. They love their jobs and both are happy, loved and rather spoiled pooches. Give your dog and extra bit of attention today in honor of all the guide dogs in the world, past, present and future.

Apex - January 2011

I recently read “Thunder Dog” by Michael Hingson and then recommended it to my local book club. Many of the book club members enjoyed it so much that they shared it with others. Roselle is a great example of how amazing guide dogs are. Have you read any books about guide dogs that you enjoyed?


2 thoughts on “International Guide Dog Day

  1. As a guide dog user, I am very grateful for all those involved behind the scenes that make these dogs so wonderful. My life is far better as a result of my guide’s constant presence. Thank you to all puppy raisers who give so much love and basic training to these dogs and then love them enough to let them go…into training and then into our lives. Be proud… Your love lives in them forever.

  2. Well said Sue. The comment we get from the public all the time is, “how can you give them up?” or “don’t you get attached.” I live your expression that we “love them enough to let them go.” That expresses it so well. We send them off to a life that has more meaning and purpose than we could ever give them. When we saw first hand what a positive impact Apex had on you life there was no question that giving them up is the right thing for everyone.

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