Phase 8!

Casey Close-up – photo by Lisa Thompson

We finally got news tonight that Casey is in phase 8. We haven’t seen the phase report yet but our leader used her connections to find out and will send the report along when it finally comes. Yeah Casey, way to go girl!

Phase 8 – Final Testing, Finishing and Pre-Matching

  • Final Obedience Test
  • Final Blindfold Test
  • Final Building Test
  • Final Traffic Test

NOTE: Dogs that receive passing grades are deemed “Class Ready Guides.” These dogs are fully qualified and ready to be issued to a client.

  • “Finishing” Routes
  • Practice with Less Experienced Handlers
  • NEW! Specialized Training

All dogs are introduced to hand and chair targeting. Instructors introduce pole targeting (for crosswalk buttons) on a few different routes.

  • If needed, select dogs may do custom work for identified clients (slower pace or fast pace, compromised balance — client who travels with a support cane, toed-out gait, etc.)
  • Pre Class Physicals (AKA: PCPs)
  • Final Class Preparations

Instructors size all dogs for new class collars, boots, head collars and harnesses. Pre-matches are done based on information gathered from home interview and pre-class phone call meeting.

  • Dormitory exposure

Dogs are walked through the dormitory building in preparation for their in-residence training.

  • Socialization

All specialized programs are complete for class ready dogs.
CWTs focus primarily on relaxing walks, kennel enrichment and play sessions for the dogs.

Now we just have to wait for that phone call. It should tell us she is in class. But sometimes dogs are still career changed at this late phase. The next class starts on January 16th so we could get that call as early as the 17th.

p.s. We got the phase report on Friday and Casey’s brother Crosby is in class scheduled to graduate on January 14th. Also Radison and Snickers are in phase 8 too.

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