Phase 7

Casey with gold bow around neck – photo by Lisa Thompson

Our CFR is still out so I just got the note from Lindsey today that Casey and Radison are both in phase 7! It is hard to believe that their training is almost done. I look forward each week to Thursday to find out how our sweet little girl is doing. Keep it up girl. You are almost there.

Phase 7 – Advanced Training
Obedience and Distraction Training

Continues as in phase 6. Dogs are handled by different instructors to teach them good responses are expected with new handlers.

Guidework Training
Advanced training includes work in both suburban and urban areas, and requires forward-looking decision-making (initiative).
These routes can consist of:

  •  City traffic patterns
  •  Difficult crossings
  •  Difficult clearance situation
  •  Areas with a challenging line
  •  Animal distractions
  •  Surface issues
  •  Curb approach challenges
  •  Pedestrian islands
  •  Crowded sidewalks
  •  Different pedestrian climate
  •  Additional city bus exposure
  •  Additional rapid transit ride exposure
  •  Additional and multiple escalators
  •  Rounded corners

Escalator Training Continues
Dogs now independently board, ride and exit.

Platform Training Continues
Avoidance of drop-off edges on pedestrian platforms of subway and rail systems.
Boarding and exiting trains.

Overhead Obstacle Clearance Training
Advanced overhead training occurs both on campus and in town, when available.

Continue as in previous phases, as needed.
Leash relieving practice on cement surfaces continues. Dogs that are not comfortable do additional socialization, as needed.

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