Yakira/Hallie Swap

We have had Hallie here for the weekend. It was lots of fun having her. I especially enjoyed having a break from a puppy trying to mouth and bit me several times a day. Hallie was a good girl except yesterday. I was trying to do too many things at once. My parents were visiting, there was a cousins party that I needed to get some food started for and I needed to go across the street and visit a neighbor. I got the food in the crock pot and ran out the door forgetting to put Hallie in the kennel. My parents were downstairs and I don’t think that Hallie even new they were home. Lindsey had warned me that she could be a problem if she was left alone. Well when I got home she had one of my shoes in the living room. It seemed to be fine. But when I took it back to the closet I found one of my boots. She had taken a nice chunk out of the top of it. I didn’t pay much for the boots and I can still wear if my pants cover up the top. I can’t believe a totally forgot to take care of Hallie before I left the house. Opps!

When Lindsey came to swap Yakira and Hallie back, she said that Yakira was very, very good. She didn’t bit at all. Wow! She left her home quite a bit to try to get her energy built up so that she would show her bad side but she didn’t. She does seem to be a bit tired. Maybe she had too much fun playing with Cobb. Or maybe she is just going through a growth spurt and all of her energy is going to build muscles and bones. Time will tell. But she is being a very good girl. Sinclair is coming tomorrow. It is going to be a very busy holiday season and it won’t be hard to keep her stimulated with Sinclair here.


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