Phase 5

Casey with a Christmas ruffle around her neck – photo by Lisa Thompson

Today is phase report day and Casey has moved on to phase 5! So have Radison, Snickers and Crosby. They are all doing so well. I’m proud of the whole lot of them. Here is some of what they are learning in phase 5.

PHASE 5 –Traffic Training & City Work

  • Advanced Obedience and Distraction Training
  • Advanced Guidework Training
  • City Routes (San Francisco/Portland)
  • Intensive Indoor Mall and Store Training
  • NEW! Escalator Introductions and Training – Boarding/Riding/Exiting
  • Notable Accomplishment – Formal Traffic Training
  • NEW! Total Barricade Training
  • Obstacle Course Progression
  • Body Handling Acceptance
  • Socialization Programs
  • Vet Meeting – Review of Health

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