A to Z Planning

I like to plan my coming week on Sundays. So today I sat down to make a real plan for completing this project. First I needed to figure out a real deadline. It is November 15th, just six weeks away. Oh my, I’ve got lots to do. Last week I didn’t get as much done as I’d planned because I got sick. Hopefully I’ve got my cold done and out of the way for the next few months. I hope the check from South Jordan shows up this week, otherwise I think I’ll need to check on it. So here is my plan.

October 3rd to 8th
Add the lights to the tree structure

Make structures for under the tree:

  • quilt
  • unwrapped package with jacket inside
  • x-mas tag
  • Mary
  • Baby Jesus

If needed under the tree:

  • drum
  • ice skates
  • yule log
  • more packages

Supplies to buy:

  • get hot glue
  • rolled fondant

October 10th to 15th

  • cover lights with candy

Start on ornaments by making the following:

  • angel
  • elf
  • gingerbread man
  • Kris Kringle
  • reindeer
  • wise men with frankincense
  • ice skates (if not under tree)
  • Finish:
  • Mary
  • Baby Jesus

October 17th to 22nd
Finish Ornaments:

  • bell
  • candy cane
  • holly
  • mistletoe
  • poinsettia
  • star
  • drum (if not under tree)
  • yule log (if not under tree)

Attach all ornaments
Make sure green candy is ordered.

October 24th to 29th
Cover everything under the tree with candy
Place them all in place and attach down

October 31st to November 5th
Cover the tree with green candy

November 7th to 12th
Final touch-ups and prepare for transport
Make arrangements for a pick-up to transport
Take lots of photos

Novermber 14th or 15th
Transport and set-up
Make sure there is a table with power

This coming week will be a good test if this schedule is possible. I don’t have a bunch of other obligations this week. I need to get as much done as I can in the next few weeks because on November 10th we will be getting our next puppy in training from Guide Dogs for the Blind and new puppies are a real handful and take lots of time.

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