Sorting Candy

Yesterday I met with Kathryn and picked up the candy that she had. She doesn’t know what happened to the turntables but she doesn’t have them. So yesterday I looked on line for turntables and came to the conclusion that I just don’t have the budget for one. I could get one without an outlet but then I couldn’t have light on my tree and I really want that. It is probably better this way because it really simplifies the construction phase.

I spent a bunch of time today sorting through all the candy. I threw out a bunch that is just too hard to work with or all stuck together etc. I’ve got all the same color candy together in boxes. It was kind of fun to be sorting candy again. This year really is a test to see if I seriously want to get back into doing candy windows again or if I’m really done. So far it seems positive. Now the boxes of candy are all neatly stacked under the table in the storage room downstairs. I think I might make that my main workspace. For sure it will be were I put things when I’m not in the middle of working on it.

I’ve decided on the green candy for the tree, the green licorice pastilles that I posted about before. But I think I’ll wait to order them until I get the check from South Jordan. I’m a little anxious to get the supplies to build the structure. Not sure when that will get fit in. And Bill told me this morning that he might need to go to Seattle next week. I think I only have about eight weeks to get this thing put together. Yeaks!

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