Banta’s Book – Bullheaded

Bullheaded: obstinately opinionated

As a puppy Banta was a challenge. She would sometimes do things just because she could, in kind of a rebellious way. For example on walks she would pick-up something off the sidewalk not because she really wanted it but because you had prevented her from doing something else she wanted to do and it was her way of showing her independence. One thing you didn’t want to get into with Banta was a battle and trying to get something out of her mouth was one of the worst battles. As she matured Banta chose not to be so bullheaded about things and it was rare for her to pick-up something off the ground.

[these photos where taken by photographer Lisa Thompson in a studio setting with a white background – Banta is 5 months old – photo 1: Banta with brown reindeer antlers, with a silver jingle bell tied on with green ribbon, on her head – Banta is looking at the floor with her ears pulled back and down, photo 2: front view of Banta sitting in her puppy jacket – she has a very focused look in her eyes, photo 3: Banta laying on her side with a red Santa hat draped across her head with the white fur ball on the top in her mouth]

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