Phase 8

Banta with her favorite bone

Yeah!!! Banta is in the final phase of her training to be a guide dog. I’m so excited. There are never any guarantees at any stage that they will make it but this is a great sign that she has what it takes to be a guide dog. Now we just have to wait for the right handler to come to San Rafael then our Banta will be graduating!

Phase 8 – Final Testing, Finishing and Pre-Matching

  • Final Obedience Test
  • Final Blindfold Test
  • Final Building Test
  • Final Traffic Test

NOTE: Dogs that receive passing grades are deemed “Class Ready Guides.” These dogs are fully qualified and ready to be issued to a client.

“Finishing” Routes
Dogs work on relaxing residential or country routes, sidewalkless areas, and less difficult/ more straightforward routes for confidence building before class. Obedience responses are maintained and practiced in a variety of areas with a variety of handlers.
Practice with Less Experienced Handlers

NEW! Specialized Training
All dogs are introduced to hand and chair targeting. Instructors introduce pole targeting (for crosswalk buttons) on a few different routes.
If needed, select dogs may do custom work for identified clients (slower pace or fast pace, compromised balance — client who travels with a support cane, toed-out gait, etc.)

Pre Class Physicals (AKA: PCPs)
All class ready dogs receive pre-class vet physicals, which includes a height measurement at the withers (ground to shoulders).

Final Class Preparations

Dormitory exposure


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