Change of Plans

I got a call today from GDB breeding department with some unexpected news. The will not be using Banta as a breeder so she will be spayed and put into training to be a guide dog. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. I had called earlier in the day to find out what was happening with her because we had expected to hear from them, after last weeks news that she was cleared to be a breeder, and left a message. It seems that this week she decided to react badly to having blood drawn and to wearing the sensitivity harness that they use on the harder to handle breeders. I can just imagine her deciding that she doesn’t like something and turning it into a battle. So I’ve come to the conclusion that Banta had everything they wanted for her be a good mother but she didn’t have what they need in a breeder in actually being happy in going through the whole process of being a breeder.


So what is next? She will be spayed in the near future and hopefully show up on the phase reports in the next couple of weeks. With her strong will we expect her to either fly through training and totally enjoy being a guide dog or Banta will be difficult to handle and hate training and be career changed before she gets to phase 8. So now we switch to watching for the phase reports each week. Go Banta!


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