8 Months Old

Casey is 8 months old today! It is hard to believe she is that old. If she goes back at 14 months we are now at the half way point. Boy does time ever go fast with these puppies. She is surely growing up because I noticed on Thursday that she was in season. I was hoping she would wait until she was much older like Banta did. Now we might end up having go through two seasons with Casey. 28 days is such a long time when we only have these pups for a year.

Casey is growing up nicely. She is a calm girl with a lot more confidence than we imagined she would have when she came off the truck. She has her challenges. She has chewed through three ropes in the last month and two puppy leashes in the last week. We are trying bitter apple to help with the leash chewing and absolutely no rope chewing only tug time. Her nylabone chewing has matured too. She has always enjoyed chewing her bones but hasn’t been that effective in actually wearing them down. While we were in Florida Casey took about an inch off one side of her wishbone. Since than she has chewed the side down to a nub and has started on the other side.

Speaking of Banta we still haven’t heard any news on her from the Breeding Department. Nordia the other female that went back the same time as her that was still in evals was confirmed as a breeder this last week. So every time the phone rang I would wonder and hope that it was the GDB on the line calling with news of Banta. I sure hope we hear from them this week. I wonder what is holding up the decision?

2 thoughts on “8 Months Old

  1. Haha! Royalty in my group ended up in season 3 or 4 times. She went into season a few days before going back for breeder evals and ended up missing her going away party. :)Obviously what is holding up Banta's decision is that she's such a great dog and they don't want to send her out to a Breeder Custodian. They want to keep her for themselves. 🙂

  2. I didn't know it was possible for a puppy in training to be in season that many times. Wow! That is a great way to think of what must be happening with Banta. Too many people want her for themselves. Thanks Erin for that perspective.

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