Quiet Sunday Afternoon

We were going to go to church with Sue and Apex but it turned out to not be a great Sunday for visitors so I looked up on the internet the closest LDS ward to her house and we went to church their. It was a big ward with quiet a few Portuguese speaking members.

Apex hanging out in his back yard

After church we went to Sue’s house for a relaxed meal with her daughter and brother. We had steak and pasta with a fruit crisp and ice cream for dessert. Apex got to have one of his special doggy ice creams too. After lunch we went out in the yard to watch Apex run around. Sue has a kumquat tree in her back yard so we got to see what they taste like. They are rather sour, like a lemon, but have more of an orangy flavor. I like them.

birds at the lake

Then we drove a couple of miles to a lake to feed the ducks. Bill did all the feeding but the egrets ate the most. The ducks didn’t seem too hungry and the geese were rather slow coming a quick to leave if anything startled them. There were also some sea gull, (they are different than the California gulls we have around here) and a squirrel kept watch over everything up in a tree.

egrets at the lake

It was a such a nice, peaceful day, perfect for a Sunday. 

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