One more day until we see Apex

We made it to Florida really late yesterday. Our flight got in just before midnight so we slept in this morning. After all we are on vacation. We don’t get to see Apex until tomorrow so we decided to go to Universal Studios and see the new Harry Potter experience. The rest of Islands of Adventures was not too crowded but Hogwarts had lots of people. It is really cool. They have it set up so it is like a winter trip to Hogsmead including snow on the roofs of the shops. They have all the stores etc.t that they talk about in the books.


The lines just a week ago were really long, something like 5 hours but today it was less than an hour. The last part of the line you are inside Hogwarts and it is amazing. They have portraits that talk and move and the effect is very realistic.

Inside Hogwarts

The concept of the ride is you are riding a broom and boy was it ever intense. You transition back and forth between a virtual environment and a physical one. It was exciting but I was glad it didn’t last much longer or I might have thrown-up. I wasn’t up to any more roller coaster today.


I can’t wait until tomorrow afternoon when we get to see Apex. It has been almost a year since he graduated!

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