Healing Fields

Every year for 9/11 they set up a huge flag display called the Healing Fields, near Bill’s work. Besides being a beautiful and inspiring display it is a good socializing opportunity for puppies in training. So I put Banta and Casey in the car and we met Bill to stroll through the flags. It was such a beautiful day. We didn’t expect Banta to have any trouble with the flapping flags but Casey handled it just fine too. As were were strolling along a photographer for a newspaper wanted to take Bill’s picture in the flags. A bit later a group of Cub Scouts came to visit the flags and he ended up using their photos instead of any of the ones he took of Bill. So Bill didn’t end up in the paper. We took the opportunity in talking to the photographer to promote GDB. He knew a little about them from cover one of the days when the High School program got their puppies from local puppy starters.


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