Relieving Challenges

We had a bit of a breakthrough with relieving today. Yesterday afternoon through this morning Casey did almost half of her relieving in the house. Most of the time I took her outside to our traditional relieving area on the drive way she showed no interest in relieving. She didn’t have any accidents on the carpet so the clean-up was easy. Today it occurred to me what the problem might be. Yesterday on one of her first trips to the relieving area a big souped up pick-up truck roared by and scared Casey. She didn’t seem to be over-reacting to cars going by now but my Dad commented that she seemed a little nervous out there and she never really relaxed. The clincher was when I finally took her inside and put her in the x-pen she promptly squatted and peed! So after discussing it with Bill we decided to move Casey’s relieving area to the backyard. It has worked wonders. She has relieved every time we have taken her out now and only had one accident. That was when she paused for a moment while playing tug with my Dad. Yahoo! It is a relief to have that back on track.


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