Emma Book: everywhere

While Emma was part of our family she went just about everywhere with us. Here are the kinds of places she went often:

  • work with Bill
  • church & choir practice
  • grocery & other stores
  • restaurants
  • movie theater
  • post office
  • library

Here are a few of the other places she went:

  • Kimball Arts Festival
  • Pool Party
  • Dentist
  • C Street Preschool
  • Antelope Island
  • Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
  • Camping at Palisades State Park
  • Lagoon
  • Jordan River Parkway
  • East Canyon State Park
  • Collage Baseball Game
  • Emigration Canyon Fire Station
  • Eye Doctor
  • Blood Drive
  • Wedding Reception
  • Utah Lake State Park
  • Camp Floyd
  • This is the Place Monument


Emma Book: enigma

Having raised seven puppies previous to Emma we had seen a variety of energy levels from the super calm and low energy to very excitable and high energy. Emma is a surprising mix of energy and calm. She has plenty of energy to get up and go anywhere and everywhere but she is also just as good and hanging out and chilling all day if that is what the schedule calls for. Not many dogs, at least from the ones that we have known, have that kind of mix. Seemed like she would make the perfect partner for a blind or visual impaired person one day. I could imagine her enjoying the big city life.


Emma Book: exceptional

One of the things that made Emma so easy to raise was her exceptional ability to settle down and just chill out when that was what we wanted from her. At home or on outings she was always quick to relax and just enjoy the downtime while we concentrated on other things.


Emma Book: exuberant

One very memorable day with Emma was at East Canyon State Park. I waded out into the water and encouraged Emma to follow me. She did at first and then decided that running along the shore was so much more fun. There was a little creek flowing into the reservoir and she took great joy in running back and forth and leaping over the creek. It was spring and the ground was soft and muddy so she was quite the mess but It was such a joy to watch her playful exuberance along the shore.


Emma Book: errant

Emma’s biggest flaw was her occasional destructive chewing. Mostly this was just when she was a young puppy. But the few weeks before she went into season this weakness came out again. (It isn’t unusually for dogs in heat to do this.) In retrospect the funniest incident was with an ink pen. Bill lost a pen out of his pocket. Emma and Sandler (who We were puppy sitting) found the pen and starting playing with it. We were downstairs and when we discovered them, Sandler was the one who looked guilty. He was covered in blue ink along with the carpet but Emma was the one who pooped blue for the next couple of days.


Emma Book: entertaining

Life with Emma though calm in many ways it was never boring. She loved to play and would find new ways to entertain us. One day I put the tug ring she was playing with and flipped it up over her head. It was just the right size  and Emma even cooperated in letting me gets some pictures of her.


Emma Book: edible

Another one of Emma’s unique traits was her habit of dropping her toys into her empty food dish. Not sure what message she was trying to send but it was lots of fun to walk into the kitchen and see what toy she had deposited there that day. While her toys were certainly meant to be chewed we didn’t want her to actually eat them.


Emma Book: easy

Emma’s easy going nature made her super easy to raise. While she wasn’t perfect she was close. She meshed into the routine of our household quickly and became good friends with both Dune and our cat Gandolf. While she didn’t love baths she tolerated them and was no problem to handle. She earned her sleeping out of the kennel privileges quickly and most nights she and Dune snuggled together on the dog bed at the foot of our bed.


Emma Book: equal

When it came to playing Emma was equal to any pup. Our older puppy in training, Dune, was an energetic spitfire of a puppy and she is more than 7 months older than Emma. But Emma learned to hold her own with Dune and any other puppy in training that came to our house. It didn’t mater the size or age. One of her favorite things to do when playing was to body slam into the other dog. With her compact build it was a very effective technique. She also loves to share a toy with another dog by both of them holding on and running side by side.


Emma Book: eager

From the moment she got off the puppy truck Emma has always been eager to learn and do new things. She was very willing to do what ever we asked of her. And was quick to learn the rules of living in our household. She was super fun to raise and teach because she always had a great attitude about life.