Puppy Swap

Banta and Clifford have swapped places for the weekend. Banta was due for a swap and Clifford’s raiser will be getting a new puppy to add to the household a couple of weeks and wanted to see how he would do around Casey.

 We let Clifford and Casey play a few minutes ago and it was fun to watch. Casey has grown in confidence in the week she has been with us and she held her own with Clifford who is almost a year old and three times her weight. A couple of times Casey latched on to Clifford’s tail. Clifford didn’t quite know what to do, so he went around in circles trying to get her to let go. Mean while Casey is going around in the same circle with her mouth firmly on his tail. It was hilarious – two black labs following each other around and around, a big one and a little one! They enjoyed munching on ice cubes together in the kitchen afterward to cool them down.

Banta was headed to the county fair tonight so I’m sure she had a fun adventure seeing all the animals and people. We miss our little blond girl but it’s good for all three of the pups to participate in the swap.