This Week in 1856 – Arrival in Salt Lake Valley – Mary Taylor

From John Jacques: The next camp, on the 26th, was in a small canyon running out of the north side of Echo Canyon, a few miles above the mouth of the latter. Here a birth took place, and one of the relief party generously contributed part of his under linen to clothe the little stranger. […]

This Week in 1856 – Rocky Ridge to Bear River – Mary Taylor

From John Jacques: By this time, the shoes of many of the emigrants had “given out,” and that was no journey for shoeless men, women and children to make at such a season of the year, and trudge it on foot. As the emigrants proceeded on their terrible journey, there was no appreciable mitigation of […]

This Week in 1856 – Ephraim Hanks – Mary Taylor

From John Jacques: While on the Sweetwater Ephraim Hanks was met one day. He had left his wagon behind him and came on alone, on horseback, and he managed to kill a buffalo. Some of the others of the relief parties, further this way, had come to the conclusion that the rear companies of the […]

This Week in 1856 – Martin’s Cove – Mary Taylor

From John Jacques: The great object now was, to save as many of the people as possible, to which everything else must give way, and the lives of the people depended in great degree, on the lives of the teams so it was essential to spare the animals all unnecessary labor. Under this arrangement, the […]

This Week in 1856 – News of Rescue – Mary Taylor

From Samuel Openshaw: In the midst of all this uncertainty and doubt, our hopes were realized for lo and behold, Joseph A. Young and two others with him, came riding into camp. Voices from all parts of the camp rang out, “help for the camp.” We all rushed together to hear the news. He told […]

This Week in 1856 – Her Husband Dies – Mary Taylor

From John Jacques: The next day after crossing the Platte, the company moved on slowly, about ten miles, through the snow, and camped again near the Platte, and at the point where the road left it for the Sweetwater. It snowed three days, and the teams and many of the people were so far given […]

This Week in 1856 – Crossing the Platte – Mary Taylor

From John Jacques: At Deer Creek, on the 17th of October, owing to the growing weakness of emigrants and teams, the baggage, including bedding and cooking utensils, was reduced to ten pounds per head, children under 8 years, five pounds. Good blankets and other bedding and clothing were burned, as they could not be carried […]

This Week in 1856 – Fort Laramie – Mary Taylor

8 October 1856: (near Salt Lake City) Rescuers moved out from their meeting spot at Big Mountain. 8 October 1856: Mary Taylor’s father, Joseph Taylor (age 44) died, probably from the combination of not enough food and dehydration or heat prostration. He was buried in an unmarked grave in the campground. From John Jacques: The […]

This Week in 1856 – Chimney Rock – Mary Taylor

From Jessie Haven (with the Hodgetts Wagon Company): 2 October 1856: Weather warm. Very warm for the season, and dry. 3 October 1856: Hot today. Thermometer stood at noon in the sun at 119 degrees. United States troops passed us on their way to Laramie, Passed Chimney Rock today. From John Jacques: On the 3rd […]

This Week in 1856 – Nebraska – Mary Taylor

From Samuel Openshaw’s Diary: 23 September 1856: Started half past 7 o’clock, crossed over sandy bluffs and sandy roads. Stopped for dinner at 12 o’clock, started again, continued over the sandy bluffs until 6 o’clock, when we came to Sandy Bluff Creek, where we camped for the night. Traveled 11 3/4 miles today, and it […]